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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Why the Prototyping Scene in Toronto Is All Aboard With Laser Cutting

January 22, 2020

Fabricators in Toronto delivering laser cutting are the first stop for many industries and small-businesses alike when it comes to prototype production.


Saws, and weld torches, no matter how much expertise is at your disposal, aren’t cut out to output the lowest design deviation possible from a blueprint.


What is cut out to achieve this on the other hand are highly-accurate laser cutters that are renowned for outputting remarkable results each time, so much so that even the aerospace industry comes to rely on them.


With the scene set, let’s take a look at four reasons why those looking to bring their prototypes to life should always seek to utilize laser cutters to put them well on their way to developing a world-first product.


1) Tolerances and Margins Of Error You Wouldn’t Believe

Whether it be steel, wood, plastic, foam, or other workpiece materials for use in Toronto, laser cutting guarantees a margin of error that alternatives could only dream to achieve. All this without the need for dulling saw cutting edges or oxidising weld torch cuts; instead, laser cutters achieve the next level of parts and fittings processing that allow businesses to revel in a product with 99.9% cut accuracy.


2) A Consulting Process That Defines Effortless

In addition to the best technology, you're working with the best technicians with applied, working knowledge Toronto’s laser cutting scene - a torch we proudly wave at Baseline Custom Fabricating. For example, we recently worked on a complex steel tank design for a customer in Ontario who consulted with our laser technicians so that they could achieve realistic results by making exceptional blueprint and design adjustments.


3) Capitalising on Logistical Deadlines

Just because prototyping companies may give some more leeway for innovative productions, it doesn't mean they're not on a tight schedule. Working with experienced laser cutters will ensure you are able to meet your important logistical deadlines.


4) Preparation for Future Prototype Modifications and Mass Production

The purpose of a prototype is to demonstrate whether a theoretical blueprint or design can achieve the objectives its designers set forth before it. It will see some adjustments and modifications that will lead to its mass production, which will require an experienced team of laser cutters to achieve effectively.


You Needn’t Look Far For A Fabricator With These Qualities!

Baseline Custom Fabricating has been leading Toronto’s laser cutting demand by having the foresight to invest in the latest quality laser cutting and metal fabrication equipment and staff for over 30 years. An exhaustive list of clientele will assure you to count on us for any laser cutting service crucial to your prototyping requirements or otherwise. Contact us to learn more!

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