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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Sandblasting is a unique and efficient technique used for removing paint, rust, powder coat, and mill scale. Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. offers top-notch industrial, residential, and commercial sandblasting services. What’s more? We offer both glass bead media and calcium iron silicate media sandblasting in Toronto, the GTA, and Durham regions. Our sandblasting is also ideal for sign blasting, surface restoration, and surface preparation. We are a one-stop destination for all your restoration and renovation needs. You can rely on Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. for top-notch sandblasting services in Toronto, GTA, and Durham regions.

Applications of Sandblasting in Metal Fabrication


Before any coating or paint can be applied to a metal surface, it needs to be properly cleaned and prepared. Sandblasting efficiently removes dirt, rust, old paint, and other contaminants from the surface. It is used to prepare surfaces for coating or painting. Metal surfaces that are sandblasted offer better adhesion and longevity.


Thanks to sandblasting, creating alluring textures and patterns on metals is made easy. With the use of CNC technology, operators can use sandblasting techniques to create intricate patterns on metal surfaces with ease. This unique ability of sandblasting makes it perfect for the customization of metal surfaces.


Sandblasting is a versatile technique! Whether you want to smoothen a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface, sandblasting will do the trick! In that sense, sandblasting is perfect to add to the visual appeal of metal surfaces.

We Offer Sandblasting Services To The Following Industries/Customers


Car and vehicle manufacturers use sandblasting to clear the vehicle’s body of dust and debris before applying a fresh coat of paint. Improper and uneven finishing are the problems with painting a vehicle’s body without sandblasting. Even the tiniest flaw in the visual appeal can make a customer reject a car. In short, sandblasting ensures that a car’s paint is perfect, making it more appealing to the customers.


The manufacturing industry heavily relies on sandblasting to smoothen rough surfaces and help achieve better finishing. From electronics and electrical appliances to furniture, sandblasting is used for various products in the manufacturing industry.


Contractors in the commercial sector often rely on sandblasting services. Places like warehouses, offices, and commercial buildings have many elements of metal that need to be sandblasted before refurbishing.

We Offer Industrial Restoration Through Flawless Sandblasting

Industrial restoration through sandblasting is one of our areas of expertise. We can refurbish your industrial equipment and machinery by removing scale and rust. We do this with the help of our sophisticated sandblasting machine.

After we complete the sandblasting process, you can go ahead with the industrial restoration by applying new coatings. Applying new coating without sandblasting will lead to an uneven finish and a lack of visual appeal thereof. Without removing surface contaminants through sandblasting, the new coating won't bind to the metal surface, leading to unnecessary expenses.

Trust Us For The Best Sandblasting Services in Toronto and the GTA

When it comes to metal sandblasting services, Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. stands out as a top choice for customers in Toronto, GTA, and Durham regions. Our extensive facility in Courtice, ON is equipped with cutting-edge technology. What's more? Our expert team has decades of combined experience. We can handle orders of all types and sizes. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial projects, you can count on us. Call us today to learn about all we can do for you.


What Is Sandblasting?

It is a process of propelling a stream of sand at high speed on metal and other surfaces to remove surface contaminants like scale and rust. It is also used for engraving designs on metal and concrete surfaces. We at Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. offer glass bead media and calcium iron silicate media sandblasting in Toronto, GTA, and Durham regions.

Will Sandblasting Damage My Product?

We use sophisticated tools and equipment to ensure safe and effective sandblasting. We use glass bead media and calcium iron silicate media to ensure no product is damaged during sandblasting.

What Materials Can Be Sandblasted?

Various metals, concrete, and even glass can be sandblasted. Contact Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. for all your industrial, commercial, and residential sandblasting needs.

Why Trust Baseline For Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Sandblasting?

We have decades of experience offering sandblasting services to clients in Toronto, Courtice, and GTA regions. We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology to offer flawless sandblasting service to our clients. Our unblemished track record is a reflection of the trust clients put in us.

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