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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Fax: (905) 434-1427

Why Industrial Powerhouses Turn to Steel Fabrication
Why Industrial Powerhouses Turn to Steel Fabrication
January 25, 2017

Why Industrial Powerhouses Turn to Steel Fabrication  

It is a common misconception that steel fabrication only refers to welding. Contrary to this belief, while welding is definitely a significant part of steel fabrication, there is a lot more to the process than meets the eye. Typically, a steel fabrication shop performs cutting, bending and assembling different metal parts to create a final product. Custom fabrication goes even further, incorporating the needs of the customer into the manufacturing process, and ensuring that the structure, design, and specifications meet a set of specific requirements.

The process of steel fabrication

The steel fabrication process commonly involves bending metal components into a particular shape. Shearing cuts the metal sheet into pieces. Seaming joins metal pieces to form an individual desired feature. The milling process makes metal more pliable. Next, bending involves a variety of tools for shaping the metal in such a way that it creates and produces the desired shapes for the customer. The stamping process then shapes and stretches sheets into different dimensions. More so, the application of various corrugated methods helps to achieve the desired metal strength for use in different applications.

Industries all over Ontario rely on metal and steel fabrication on a daily basis. Construction sites and automotive manufacturing operations use customization to overcome the challenges that come with standard designs. When a discerning client is looking to get their steel fabrication project completed on time and on budget, it is advised to turn to a fabrication shop with state of the art machinery and above average capacity, as well as an experienced and knowledgeable work force.

Custom steel fabrication meets the needs, requirements, and customer specifications of Ontario powerhouses in a way that addresses these needs. Baseline Custom Fabricating tackles each project with a wealth of experience in fabrication processes to remain a leader in steelwork services.

Steel fabrication is economical and a smart way to build non-standard structures
Posted by: cn-macleod | February 2, 2017, 9:10 am
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