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What’s Next For Toronto Laser Cutting Technology?

November 03, 2020

Have you thought about what could be the future of Toronto laser cutting? If you think you have witnessed it already with the rapid growth of fibre laser technology, well it’s not finished just yet.

While fibre laser machines have made a booming growth since about a decade ago, laser technology is still expected to improve even more in the years to come.

The speed and capacities of these new generation fibre laser machines far exceed the conventional ways of working with CO2 lasers. Though the machine itself can be fully automated, everything around it also has a significant role to play. In terms of the future of efficiency of these laser machines, it profoundly lies in automating its loading and unloading system.


Industry experts believe that one of the most probable future situations of Toronto laser cutting is with the utilization of direct diode laser, or DDL, presenting enhanced power consumption efficiency with much faster cutting speeds. The DDL technology directly employs diodes during the cutting process, which eliminates a number of important processes required by other laser machines. Presently, the impressive speeds of these laser cutters are greatly shown in cutting thin workpieces like aluminum. While DDL is restricted to use for laser cutting that works only with thin metals, the latest developments in its power levels are substantial proof that this technology has huge potential. 


During its initial implementation, DDL technology had low power at only about 2000 watts, but now it has 8000 watts. This development enables the laser machine to cut through thick materials. This laser technology offers three major advantages over other types of lasers, which are cutting speeds, efficiency, and better cut quality. Research reveals that the Toronto laser cutting industry cuts at a rate of 15% faster for most applications. Moreover, the quality of the cut created by DDL is better than other laser cutters because of its unique wavelength. However, despite this advancement, DDL is still in the process of being improved to be completely taken advantage of by the laser cutting industry. 

If your business is looking to complete a laser cutting project, or custom metal fabrication, here at Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. we have the necessary equipment and capabilities in order to provide our customers with top of the line, detailed laser cutting services. Contact us today to find out how we can assist your next project.

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