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1041 Trulls Rd.
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What does metal fabrication entail?

January 14, 2016

Whenever the term metal fabrication is mentioned, the picture of a welder comes to the minds of most people. Welding is certainly a critical part of metal fabrication but a lot of things are actually involved. It refers to all the processes involved in cutting, bending and assembling metal parts to create a structure or product. Custom metal fabrication goes a little bit further than that. It encompasses the customer’s needs in the manufacturing process and ensures that all the designs are structured towards meeting that need. It’s like the opposite of achieving a standard look or size.

The metal fabrication processes add to metal, take away, or bend metal to achieve a certain shape. Shearing involves cutting sheet metal to pieces that are enough for a given part. Seaming involves joining together of pieces or closing one piece to form a feature. Bending, on the other hand involves using power tools to shape the metal in such a way that it creates the desired angles. In cases where the metal sheet needs to be stretched and shaped into certain dimensions, stamping comes in. When you want to increase the strength of one metal piece because of its intended function, you apply different corrugating methods to achieve that. Milling is used to lessen the weight of metal pieces or make metal pieces more pliable.

In custom metal fabrication, different processes are stretched to certain levels in such a way that they overcome the weaknesses of regular designs. When a customer wants a machine that can deliver above-normal capacity, they achieve that by having different parts fixed with extra resilience and strength through custom fabrication. Businesses such as the automotive manufacturing, digital signage, building and construction projects, etc. have endorsed customization as a way of overcoming the challenges of standard designs. 4 Way Metal is in the frontline on creating customized products for all sorts of projects.

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