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Water Jet Cutting Versus Laser Cutting

December 29, 2021


Metal fabrication is a complex process that requires metal to be formed into different shapes and sizes depending on the application. Cutting, bending, polishing, and shaping are integral parts of metal fabrication. For achieving the best results, metal fabricators rely on state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

To cut through metal easily, fabricators rely on different methods. Out of which, water cutting and laser cutting in Toronto are two of the commonly used methods. There are various advantages and disadvantages of both methods. Choosing the right cutting tool is imperative, depending on the application and the expected result.


In this blog, we discuss the significant differences between these two methods


Engraving and cutting abilities

Metal fabricators widely use laser cutters because they can engrave and cut metal precisely. A water jet cutter can be used to cut as well. However, you cannot engrave with the help of water jet cutting machines. This is one of the severe drawbacks of water jet cutting. 


Although metal fabricators commonly use both methods for cutting through objects like metal, plastic, and glass, it is a proven fact that a laser cutter is much more accurate than its water jet counterpart. Although the difference between both is microscopic, even that small a difference can be a big deal when it comes to industries like aerospace and automotive. 

The process of cutting

The cutting processes of laser and water jet cutters are very different. Although there is no contact between the cutting tool and the workpiece in both methods, the noise and waste generated are relatively more in water jet cutters. Also, the amount of cleaning required after the cutting process is relatively more in water jet cutting.

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