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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
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Types of Laser Cutting

September 21, 2017

Laser cutting services are offered for many different materials, and there are many types of cutting to choose from.

The following are a few of the different types of laser cutting:

Vaporization Cutting

In this method, cutting is done using a focused beam to heat the surface of the material and create a hole on the surface. The material boils as the vaporization continues, eroding the walls of the keyhole and thus enlarging the hole. This method is often used for wood, carbon and plastics.

Fusion Cutting

Here, high-pressure gas is used to blow molten material away from the cutting surface. This results in a decrease in the power requirement for the laser. The first step is heating the surface to boiling point and a gas jet removes the material from the surface. This process is what is often used for metals.

Thermal Stress Cracking

In this method of laser cutting, brittle materials are subject to a focused beam resulting in thermal expansion of the immediate area. By expanding, cracks occur and these cracks are exploited when the laser beam is moved. This is what is often used in cutting glass.

Reactive Cutting

This is also known as ‘flame cutting’ or ‘burning stabilized laser gas cutting’. This is akin to an acetylene torch cutting but the point of contact is a laser beam. This is often used in cutting thick steel plates to specific shapes and sizes.

Stealth Dicing of Silicon Wafers

This is specific to the silicon wafer industry. Here, a specific laser is pulsed and is adopted specifically for silicon.

At Baseline, we offer a full-range of custom fabrication services that includes top of the line, detailed laser cutting. With state of the art equipment such as the Fibermak Momentum Gen-2 3KW, we are capable of cutting through the most complex of materials. Learn more by calling us at 905-434-1427! 

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