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The Three Processes Involved In Metal Fabrication

June 06, 2018

While metal fabrication can simply refer to the building and creation of metal structures, it may encompass a whole range of industrial processes. While processes like machining, coating, and forging may play a part in metal fabrication, they are not classified as fabrication. However, there are three main processes that are involved in metal fabrication. These include cutting, bending and assembling.


Cutting, bending and assembling are the three main processes that metal fabrication entails.



The process of cutting involves sawing or shearing either through conventional or automated means. Conventional means of cutting involves the use of handheld torches, while automated means of cutting uses CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems that utilize lasers, torches, or even high-powered water jets.



When bending is done, it’s usually through automated or conventional means of hammering. Using press brakes and hammers, work pieces are bent to fit the specifications of the assignment. Many fabrication shops use CNC systems to get even bends in a highly efficient manner.



While cutting and bending are essentially the creation of the individual pieces, assembling involves welding these pieces together to create the final product. Using welding and adhesives, each bent and cut pieces are joined together.


Like all the other processes involved in metal fabrication, both manual labour and automation are used. However, CNC machining has been preferred over the years as it decreases human error throughout the process while increasing efficiency, consistency, and the overall quality of the end product.


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