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The Process of Laser Cutting

May 07, 2021

When laser cutting is performed, the generation of the beam involves activating a lasing material, and this is done by electrical discharges or lamps inside a closed container. As the material is activated, the beam is internally reflected due to the presence of a partial mirror. This occurs until it reaches a sufficient energy level to escape as a stream of light. In order to position the light at a lens, it is common to use mirrors or fibre optics. The light is focused on the work zone as a result. In addition, for the ability to begin cutting from anywhere other than the edge of the substance being worked on, a pierce is added prior to each cut. Piercing, in this case, often takes the form of a high-power beam gradually making a hole in the material.


Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. specializes in the service of laser cutting, and we are focused on fulfilling the requirements of our clients.


This type of fabrication has a number of advantages compared to mechanical cutting. These include easier work holding and lower chances surrounding contamination of the workpiece. Precision can also be superior, since the process does not wear down the laser beam. A reduced possibility of warping the material being cut exists as well, which is an outcome of laser systems having a small heat-affected zone.

Laser cutting when metals are involved has some advantages compared to plasma cutting. Examples are better precision and using less energy in the event of sheet metal being altered. If operating at a higher power level, newer laser machines are catching up to plasma machines in their success at cutting through thicker materials.

Available at Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. is a wide selection of laser cutting options. Browse our website and contact us today for more information on how we can help meet the needs of your business.

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