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The Job of a Steel Fabricator

March 23, 2016

In a highly industrialized world, the process of steel fabrication remains to be crucial and indispensable in a wide range of industries. In order to carry out this process properly, one will require the use of steel and an expert steel fabricator for a successful job. The steel fabricator is responsible in creating steel components which can be used for structures, machineries and even for temporary applications. The steel fabricator needs to have outstanding skills in soldering, welding, laser cutting and engineering. In unison, these skills enable the creation of custom metal fabrication projects. The nature of the work of a steel fabricator requires stamina for safe heavy lifting and the ability to stand for long periods of time.  

The specific job requirements of a steel fabricator can vary from one industry to another or from one employer to another. Often times the fabricator needs to work with a variety of tools and equipment in order to prepare the metal for alteration. Typical projects require the ability to efficiently fabricate raw materials into usable parts, as well as to connect different metal parts together in order to form a durable structure. A qualified steel fabricator has the proper skills and machinery in order to create the parts requested for specialized projects.

The welding process is difficult and even dangerous, which is why the steel fabricator undergoes extensive training in order to be deemed qualified. There are apprenticeships which are offered through labor unions as well as through private companies so that the steel fabricator will be able to learn the proper techniques while doing his or her job. An apprenticeship will usually last anywhere from one to five years. By the end of the apprenticeship program, the fabricator is deemed a journeyman fabricator for as long as he or she is able to pass the appropriate certification examinations.

It is necessary for the steel fabricator to be knowledgeable about metallurgical properties and the differences in various grades of steel. This expertise allows the fabricator to make appropriate assessments on how a particular piece of raw steel should be used. Inspection of created components or parts is also essential in order to create quality final product. In some cases, the fabricator is also responsible in the repair and maintenance of different pieces of fabrication equipment. 

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