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1041 Trulls Rd.
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The Industries You Wouldn’t Have Associated With Laser Cutting

January 07, 2020

A quick search engine query will net you services around laser cutting aplenty; however, what it may not net you are services that can capitalize on delivering precision cuts.

There exist a sizeable number of industries that stake their business on such precision laser cutting.

It’s not far-fetched to have assumed that the aerospace industry is extensively reliant on laser cutters to adhere to extreme tolerances; however, there is more to this tale than may initially meet the eye.

Let’s take a gander at three industries you wouldn’t immediately associate with reliance on laser cut precision.


Diamonds - the hardest and sharpest stones in existence. Believe it or not, cutting diamonds via a laser cutter can be accomplished by dividing them into equal parts. Gemstones and other rare minerals that conventional cutters cannot process often require the help of professionals with experience and knowledge cutting jewelry using precision laser equipment. What’s more, a significant number of miners and archaeologists apply similar principles to the jewelry industry when it comes to using cutting lasers.


Electric Vehicles

The industrial race is on for automakers and the name of the game is electric vehicles. This is of no surprise for the modern reader who may be aware that a majority of car exteriors originate from conventional metal fabrication and cutting procedures. What you may not have known is that internal specifications are a whole other ball game, differing drastically and requiring an accurate cut by expert staff and top-grade laser cutting machines. It is without question that laser cutters will continue to play an irreplaceable role in future advancements within mass production techniques.


Metal Sculptures

Detail is king for all things sculptures, and a laser cutter is known to handle the delicate and dainty nature of engraving names and logos. All this comes thanks to the adjustable-radius laser beam – making it easy to choose which "pencil" engineers or algorithms need to use to satisfy any project design and its consequential output.


The Baseline for Precision Starts with Baseline Custom Fabricating

Yet to find a reliable company in Toronto that can utilize laser cutting to the best of its abilities? Count on us at Baseline Custom Fabricating. Our decades of experience paired with our team of exceptional and highly-capable technicians and machinists will have you confident you’ll be getting the best results for every project. A consultant is always on hand to help you learn more, so get in touch!

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