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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


The Importance Of Assuring Quality Even Before Beginning Metal Fabricating

June 08, 2018

Metal fabricating is an intricate process and entails a significant investment in raw material and labor hours. Therefore, quality checks and balances are required before the metal fabricating process begins in order to ensure no resources are waste trying to compensate for design or material that was not intended originally and is not up to the desired specifications.


Metal fabricating represents a significant investment of resources and time; which is why we follow strict quality checks to make sure the finished build is exactly what our client ordered.


What’s worse, metal fabricating which is completed and a flaw is discovered subsequently, which should have been caught and addressed before the process began, may force improvisation or cause the client to lose out on attributes that he or she had expected of the finished metal fabricating project.


Quality assurance is, therefore, critical at all stages of the build, particularly before the build begins in earnest. We discuss a few things we look at before beginning any metal fabricating project, to ensure our clients get the results they desired.


  • Equipment – Keeping a tight check on the performance and calibration of metal fabricating equipment is quintessential to a successful project. Malfunctioning equipment aside, minor variations in cutting, bending and welding will accumulate into a less than perfect finished build.
  • Material quality – The quality and specification of material is, of course, an extremely important of getting the build right. Whether it is the correct carbon content in steel or the right alloy of aluminum, the metal fabricating services provider and the client must be extremely clear about exactly which material is to be used. Moreover, checks are performed regularly during metal fabricating to ensure consistency of the product.
  • Measurements – With tolerances having become much tighter, design becoming ever more precise, metal cutting and structural steel have themselves become a lot more precision-based. Every millimeter counts and quality assurance must ensure that metal fabricating project is completed as accurately as possible.


Baseline Custom Fabricating undertakes metal fabricating projects large and small, simple and complex commercial and residential sectors. We offer complete custom metal fabricating, depending on the unique specifications of the client. We work with high quality industrial grade metal and steel alloys.


We work to our motto of "old school quality through modern technology", always strive to stock our 13,000 sq. ft. facility with the latest equipment, in order to offer top quality services for custom metal fabricating to our diverse clientele.

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