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The Importance of Apprenticeships for Structural Steel Fabricators

July 19, 2017

In the industry, steel fabrication remains indispensable and crucial for a broad range of applications. For successful project completion, one will require the utilisation of services of expert structural steel fabricators. These individuals are skilled in the creation of steel components for use in structures, provisional applications, and machinery. As a manufacturer, you require your contractors to possess outstanding skills in welding, soldering, engineering and laser cutting. These skills are a core part of the portfolio of capabilities of a great structural steel fabricator, whose job description includes the need for stamina for lifting and standing ability for extended periods of time, among other things.

What’s in the Job Description for Structural Steel Fabricators?

The job specification for structural steel fabricators varies from one employer to the other. In most circumstances, the manufacturer needs to work with different equipment and tools to fabricate the product. Typical projects require efficient fabrication of the materials into usable parts. Also, the parts may have to be interconnected to form structures that are durable and resilient. Qualified structural steel fabricators have the skills and associated gear to create the parts requested for specific projects.

The process of fabrication is dangerous which is why fabricators undergo intensive training to be deemed fit and qualified. There are apprenticeships offered through labour unions so that the fabricators will learn the proper techniques to perform their duties. An apprenticeship will always last anywhere ranging from one year to five years. By the end of the program, the fabricator is deemed qualified as long as they can pass the examinations for the certificate. More so, the inspection of the components is necessary for the sake of quality maintenance. From quality assurance to fabrication methods, the training is best delivered through experience on the job, which is why a great fabricator will always have an apprenticeship under their belt.

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