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1041 Trulls Rd.
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The Growing Popularity of Toronto Laser Cutting Services

October 29, 2018

In Toronto, laser cutting has become very popular because of its ability to work on almost all types of metals. The technology used during laser cutting services involves the process of engraving and cutting through metals like copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Laser cutting is accomplished through the use of a CNC machine that is operated by expert professionals.


Laser cutting services in Toronto involve procedures that are conducted only by trained technicians who are happy to complete your laser cutting needs. They can typically cut a maximum dimension of aluminum or stainless steel that is 5/16” in thickness, while for brass and copper the maximum thickness that is cut is only 1/4”.


In Toronto, laser cutting has become the most popular metal fabrication service offered!


Why Is Laser Cutting Popular?


The popularity of laser cutting depends on the accuracy and precision that is being offered by CNC machines. Additionally, the machines are efficient since they are computer operated and also offer low-cost features. Traditional techniques of cutting do not offer the same service that laser cutting does. This is why in Toronto, laser cutting services are increasingly popular and in high demand.


Here are a number of reasons why laser cutting is popular compared to the traditional methods:


  • Accuracy and Speed: With a fast and precise system, it is easy to replicate the laser cutting process. IT is not necessary to repeat the process because there is a low chance of any inconsistencies to be found.
  • No Secondary Cleanup: Unlike traditional metal fabrication machines, your laser cutting device does not need any secondary cleanup. It is always ready to be shipped or delivered at any time.
  • Greater Efficiency: Aside from the fact laser cutting involves an easy and hassle-free process, it can be used to cut widths that are very narrow. This results in a more efficient part nesting.
  • Reliability: Laser cutting has a good reputation because the technicians that operate it are highly trained professionals. Additionally, with the use of CNC machining there is little chance of human error.


With 30 years in the laser cutting and metal fabrication industry, we have the expertise to deliver amazing products and services. We also have the best performing technicians, welders, engineers, and staff. In Toronto, our laser cutting services are the best in the business. Our experience will guarantee you satisfaction. Call or email us today to learn more!

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