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The Finer Points When Availing A Laser Cutting Service

May 14, 2018

The laser cutting service market has revolutionized the fabrication industry greatly. Lasers have afforded much higher cutting speeds, accurate cutting and greater levels of automation. Baseline Custom Fabricating is proud to employ some of the latest cutting-edge technology in its operations. In this article we look at the nuances of laser cutting machines and some considerations those looking to avail laser cutting services must keep in mind.


Lasers have yielded much higher cutting speeds, accurate cutting and greater levels of automation.

Type of machine

Laser cutting service providers typically rely on one of two types of machines: CO2 or fiber. CO2 lasers have been the staple of the laser cutting industry for the past two decades, while the fiber laser cutting system only came into prevalence around 2010.

Rather than being a direct replacement for CO2 laser cutting systems, the fiber system has begun to co-exist with it – both systems serving somewhat different laser cutting demands.

CO2 lasers remain the laser cutting service of choice when material thickness is high, specialized alloys need to be cut or edge quality is important. Fiber lasers on the other hand offer higher cutting speeds, and are expected to require lesser maintenance across its lifetime.


Effect on material

A laser cutting service will likely offer greater precision in part manufacture, but due to the way a laser cutting machine works, several factors must be considered. Two such considerations are heating and edge taper.

Since lasers work by melting or vaporizing material, heat treatable metals are likely to get hardened; unless, of course, the metal is desired to be case hardened.

Lasers may also effect an edge taper post cutting. Essentially, the exit point of the laser is slightly narrower than the entry point of the laser. To what extent this will influence final construction needs to be factored-in.


When considering the finer nuances of your laser cutting, do get in touch with your laser cutting service provider. Baseline Custom Fabricating’s expertise and experience is reflected in our reputation as one of the most reputed provider of laser cutting services and metal fabrication in Toronto and surrounding areas.

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