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1041 Trulls Rd.
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The Advantages of Plasma Cutting

October 18, 2017

Technological developments have enabled innovative solutions for industrial processes that involve cutting metal. Plasma cutting is an example. Characterized by precision and speed, this type of cutting is gaining popularity in fabrication processes. It is not only efficient for thin and thick sheets of metal, but also functional for electrically conductive materials. One can also cut through rusty, painted or dirty metal using plasma.

What Makes Plasma Cutting More Advantageous Than Other Methods?

Lower Operational Cost - One of the biggest ways to maximize profit is to minimize operating costs. Plasma cutters can operate solely on compressed air and electricity. This eliminates the cost of using bottled gas and consequently no gas-related costs are incurred.

Speed - Plasma cutting is faster in cutting and piercing metal. Most of the time, work done using plasma cutting does not require reworking. This enables businesses to produce more in a shorter period.

Quality - Cuts that are done using plasma are usually very precise and sharp, which means that they are of very high quality.

Lower Heat Input - Since plasma beams are highly focused, the energy used during the process is very low. Consequently, there is no warping and therefore allows for smooth finishes. Plasma can also be used underwater for low noise levels and small heat effect.

Versatile - Using this technology it is possible to cut a variety of material as well as cut through stacks of material. This ensures maximum use of the technology for various applications.

Safety -While cutting using plasma, flammable gas or open flames are not necessary. Therefore, the possibility for injury is very low.

Easy Operation - Mechanized or automated plasma processes are easily controlled using computers. This minimizes errors. When used manually, plasma equipment is easily set up and very easy to operate especially where there is firm support for the operator’s hand.

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