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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Stairs: The Perfect Blend of Art and Function

August 07, 2019

Stairs have been around ever since human beings learned how to use various materials in our environment to build structures for our convenience. The earliest stairs were probably built with wood, before human beings slowly transitioned towards using stone, with the purpose of stairs going beyond function and into the realm of aesthetics. Much later, the development of custom steel fabrication helped propel stairs to become an integral part of architecture.

Due to their strong ability to make an aesthetic impact on architecture, as well as the potential for elaborate decorativeness throughout the eras of architectural styles such as Neo-Classical and Gothic, stairs have also become strong landmarks of human history and culture.

Take the Potemkin Stairs, the Spanish Steps, or the famously mind-bending M. C. Escher lithograph Relativity as examples of stairs’ standing in arts and culture. Don’t forget countless shots in popular movies capturing the vertigo-inducing feel of spiral staircases when you peer over the edge.


The beauty and prominence of stairs have certainly lent them a significant place in human culture.


Today, steel staircases are the most common and cost-effective type of staircases to build thanks to the advancements made in custom steel fabrication.

Steel is a versatile material with many applications and a reputation for strength and durability. The fact that it is a relatively simple-looking material should not fool you – its malleability gives it tremendous potential to be made extraordinarily ornate. While its aesthetic value is greatly appreciated, perhaps its most enticing selling point is its high functionality compared to other materials.


In recent times, steel has claimed its spot in the world as a building material commonly associated with iconic landmarks and architecture.


On a smaller scale, we are also seeing it being used in all sorts of commercial, industrial, and even residential applications.

At Baseline Custom Fabrication, we like to take our custom steel fabrication capabilities to the next level by challenging perceptions of the craft – custom steel fabrication is indeed an artistic venture, which we have shown time and time again with our aesthetically-pleasing creations. With new technologies on the rise, we will only become more adept at blending artistic sensibilities with the nitty gritty of metal fabrication.

If you are interested in the kind of work we do, check out our social media to see pictures of our creations.

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