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Recyclable Materials to Produce Sustainable Products

April 13, 2020

Today, where sustainability is a huge concern, using cheap and difficult to recycle materials are not an option. For this reason, metals that can be recycled without losing its properties may help in achieving a low carbon society.

Following are some of the recommended materials for your next sustainable metal fabrication project:



Aluminum is not only the most abundant metal on the earth, but it is also considered the most sustainable metal and is highly recyclable. During the recycling process, it takes only 5%-10% of the energy used to produce the primary aluminum.

In addition, aluminum is typically cheaper than copper and steel making it more available than other metals.



Iron, the primary element of steel is another abundant metal on the planet and can be recycled again and again.  This also means that recycled steel becomes a new product with all its excellent properties.


Furthermore, energy consumption and carbon emissions of steel production are now lowered to 50% to 60%. This is made possible through the efforts of manufacturing companies to employ environment-friendly solutions.



Like other metals, copper is 100% recyclable and uses much less energy, about 10% of the energy used during extraction. In effect, reserves of gas, coal, and oil are conserved and CO2 emissions are reduced as well.

Also, mining and refining copper uses sulfur dioxide. Recycling copper eliminates the use of this harmful gas. Although copper producers mitigate the effects by using sulfur dioxide to create sulphuric acid.


While there are concerns about the CO2 emissions and the energy consumption of manufacturing metals, it is worth considering the sustainability of most metals. Moreover, effective measures such as encouragement of reuse and recycling and other eco-friendly solutions are keys to achieving a sustainable future without losing the metal fabrication industry.

Baseline Custom Fabricating works on the above materials and employs the right metal fabrication processes to create high-quality products you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services.




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