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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Precise Laser Cutting in Toronto: How it’s Done

January 17, 2018

Toronto’s industrial and construction industries are quickly adopting laser cutting as the quality standard in fabrication of parts, equipment and much more. This modern method of detailed laser cutting offers Toronto enterprises far greater precision in the work needed, done in less time and for less expense, including the materials saved by the extreme accuracy of the process.


Here is how your enterprise can choose the ideal method of precise laser cutting in Toronto for any project at a large or small scale.


At Baseline Custom Fabricating, we have the professional expertise and cutting edge equipment to offer unparalleled precision, reduced production time and lower costs. We are proud to use modern equipment like the Fibermak Momentum Gen-2 3KW, an industry leading cutting machine with incredible capabilities.

  • Vaporizing Cutting works by using a focused laser beam to heat the surface of the material. The. It can change the surface and texture of the given material. This is a method of cutting widely used for materials like carbon, wood and plastics. 
  • Thermal Stress Cracking is a laser cutting method used for brittle materials, which are handled with a focused laser beam to expand an area or crack.
  • Fusion Cutting - In this method, a high-pressured gas is used to remove molten material from the surface.
  • Reactive Cutting - Also known as Flame Cutting, it uses an acetylene torch with a laser as its point of contact. It is a suitable process for thick steel plates which can carry out custom designs.
  • Stealth Dicing of Silicon Wafers - A process that uses a pulsed laser to cut through materials. It is commonly used in the silicon wafer industry.

When it comes to precision, cost and quality, no enterprise can afford to ignore modern cutting technology. Read more about Baseline Custom Fabricating and laser cutting in Toronto in our blog.

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