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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Precise Cuts With Laser Cutting Services

August 02, 2016

When exploring the options for cutting metal during fabrication, you cannot overlook laser cutting services. Laser cutters are continuously becoming common tools in fabrication shops, architecture schools and iron ore fields owing to their efficiency. With every passing day, the manufacturing industry is evolving from what it used to be when only manual and mechanical tools were used. Technology has made it possible to produce parts at record speeds while minimizing waste and saving money.

Nothing brings out the benefits of technology in the fabrication industry than laser cutting services. The process employs highly efficient machines known as industrial laser cutters to cut materials such as synthetics, non-metallic and metallic. A laser beam is generated through the stimulation of material through electrical discharge, which precisely cuts materials of any thickness. The laser beam can be produced through several methods depending on the material to be cut, including:

  • Cold cutting
  • Melt and blow
  • Vaporization
  • Thermal stress cracking

The laser can be manipulated with several reflective surfaces. The only thing they have in common is the fact that the lasers used are highly precise. When choosing your provider for laser cutting services, you not only need to consider their experience in the field but also in other related concepts. A good provider should be competent in running multiple production runs, prototyping and producing intricate parts. The major reason why baseline remains a highly significant industrial player in laser cutting services is our ability to quickly produce fabrications and parts from all types of materials, whether a foil thick stock or a 1 inch metal plate.

Most people choose laser cutting services because they cannot be contaminated or dulled. Laser beams keep the cut sharp and precise, regardless of how long they have been used. It goes without saying that laser-cut parts have smooth edges, great accuracy and minimal operator intervention which means fewer human errors.

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