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Metal Fabrication Ontario – The Process

October 03, 2016

Metal fabrication in Ontario is the converging point for diverse processes and metal working techniques. Metal fabrication involves the use of metallic plates and sheets in designing, prototyping, and assembling various products. Despite the numerous specialties surrounding metal fabrication in Ontario, the techniques deployed in crafting the final products are industry standard. At other times, fabrication techniques overlap with the available metal handling needs, hence the need to develop superior products that meet various market requirements.

A review of the metal working processes involved in metal fabrication in Ontario leads to a number of options, among them those listed below.

The Processes Involved in Metal Fabrication

Cutting: Once a design has been chosen and laid on a metal sheet or plate, trimming it into shape and size follows. Cutting the metal to the desired shape is often done through shearing, sawing, chiseling, torching, or CNC machining. Alternatively, laser cutting or plasma cutting can be employed where high precision cuts are needed. Each of these processes involves a diversity of activities whose administration determines the quality of work achieved on the end product.

Bending: Modern metal fabrication in Ontario involves shaping trimmed surfaces into shape, which at times involves bending. Bending metals during fabrication may present a unique challenge that can only be effectively addressed through hammering or press braking techniques. Common among Ontario metal fabrication specialists is the use of high precision off-line CNC programming whose use leads to the production of seamlessly endless products.

Assembling: The last phase in metal fabrication involves the assembly of all the pieces into a single structure. This is often done through welding, bolting, riveting, or using adhesives. Each of these assembly techniques ensures that you achieve optimal results that match your envisioned prototype.

Delivering exceptional service is a philosophy we at Baseline Custom Fabricating LTD. have developed and adopted over the years in response to the ever-evolving needs of our clientele. As a premier metal fabrication one-stop shop, we combine advanced metal working techniques with the most versatile fabrication skills. 

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