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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Metal Fabrication for Stairs, Ladders, and Platforms

June 14, 2021

Industrial staircases, ladders, and platforms made from custom metal fabrication can be found in many facilities that conduct specialized production or storage procedures. When using an oil storage tank for example, workers will likely require customized stairs, platform areas, and caged ladders, as well as safety railings. These features allow proper access to fill tanks and extract material, while maintaining the overall installation. Since cases like these need equipment that complies with industry standards, facilitates work, and connects to unique site aspects, it is a good idea for industrial staircases, ladders, and platforms to be specially made.

Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. is a strong provider within the field of metal fabrication, and we are determined to meet your needs with our high-quality services.

Compared to off-the-shelf products, custom stairs, ladders, and platforms will require the completion of engineering drawings. Following this, the metal fabricator starts the process of creating them. It is ideal to partner with a business that has experience building these items, like Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd., for industrial companies. The fabricator should also be able to ensure that the weld specifications are correctly met, apply well-suited finishes to help with longevity, and address any specifics regarding spiral staircases and other specialized products.

Which industries commonly use stairs, ladders, and platforms?

The sectors where custom fabrications for these items are often a must include automotive, feed and grain, marine, mining, oil and gas, as well as power generation. When it comes to industrial access equipment, there are a couple of indicators surrounding the particular application and whether a custom job is necessary. These can be described as how unique the work is and how it ties in with industry-specific rules and regulations.

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