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Metal Fabricating 101

September 09, 2019

When it comes to discussing the metal fabricating process, we understand that a myriad of steps is typically involved. Whether it’s welding, shearing, rolling, or forming – metal fabrication involves the transformation of raw materials into completely new metal products or components.


The exact sequence of what the process entails will largely depend on what the product is, its material composition, and its intended use.


Today we’ll bring metal fabrication back to basics in our overview of what materials are used in the process, industry use, and material benefits.


Raw Materials


Raw materials are used in the metal fabricating process. It is rare that pre-fabricated products or components are used to fabricate new product. Casting raw materials generally include aluminum, iron, steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, copper, and even magnesium. Commonly used metals and metal alloys vary and will depend on the specificity of application.


Industrial Use of Metal Fabricated Product


The use of metal fabricated products is not isolated to one industry – but are instead found across a wide range of industrial sectors including (but not limited to) the construction, telecommunications, aerospace and technology, energy, mining, and ship building industries.


Metal Fabrication Benefits


The largest benefit of metal fabrication services would be in its flexibility to meet the needs of any sort of application, regardless or project size or scope. For applications that are not readily found to purchase, you can opt for a metal fabrication shop to fabricate the product for you. Metal fabricated products are also highly durable and economical – allowing you to feel at ease knowing you won’t need to replace your custom fabricated component in the near future.


Finding a Reputable Metal Fabrication Shop


Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. is your one stop shop for all your metal fabricating needs. Having served Toronto and the GTA for fifteen years, we are highly experienced in ensuring your final product meets your expectations. From commercial to residential jobs, Baseline’s done it all! Call us today to learn more about metal fabrication services – we’d be more than happy to assist you with your upcoming project!



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