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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Making the Ideal Signage for your Business with Laser Cutting

October 01, 2019

Your business signage is meant to convey your brand identity – it is the first impression that customers get before proceeding to do business with you. As such, it is crucial that you get the highest quality signing and adopt a design that is aesthetically consistent with the rest of your company’s identity. One of the easiest methods to get high quality signage for your business is through laser cutting, which guarantees precision with even the finest of cuts.


Here are some of the important factors to consider during the process of acquiring business signage.



Your business signage should be designed in a way that sends the right message to your customers. To achieve this, you have to consider the right size, material and other details like font style, size, and colour. It is also important to consider where the signage will be, what environment it’ll be surrounded by, and what elements it’ll be exposed to as this will at the very least affect the material. You have to make sure that if you’re on a busy street, that your signage is easy to spot.


Depending on your location, most cities have regulations and restrictions when it comes to retail signs especially if it is to be placed near the main road. Make sure you follow all the regulations of your local government. You should also have completed all the needed permits and licenses before placing your company signage where you want it.


How much are you willing to invest to have a well-designed business signage? While thinking about the layout of your signage, determine the cost you are willing to pay for the materials and services. In general, laser cutting is a quicker and more straightforward procedure, meaning less time and resources are spent.


You have a wide array of selection when it comes to the materials for your signage, especially if you opt for the laser cutting method. The machines at Baseline Custom Fabricating are capable of working with all kinds of materials including steel, aluminum, and more. It all boils down to the design of your signage and your preferences. Today, metal signs are preferred because of their versatility and durability.

At Baseline Custom Fabricating, our state-of-the-art laser cutting machines are capable of working with high tolerances and while still achieving extreme speed and accuracy. Get in touch with us today to discuss your custom projects with us!

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