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Local Industries Have Gone All In On Laser Cutting Services

November 05, 2019

We had previously discussed some of the more advanced industries that are known for utilizing a laser cutting service.

You may, however, be surprised to find that less prominent industries are also heavily reliant upon the services of a laser cutter.

Known for their extreme dedication to tolerances, laser cutters can help in fabricating elaborate custom metal designs for clients, all while minimising residue and exposure to contamination.

Because of this, a host of local industries have caught on to the benefits they can accumulate from such services, and will be the focal point of today’s piece:


Local Shops and Eateries

The identity of any restaurant can – in most cases – be tied back to its branding, i.e. their logo. So, how exactly does a laser cutting service fit within such a design-centric modality? Simple – in its implementation.  The logo of a business requires housing, typically comprised out of a steel frame that can fit lighting equipment, defense against harsh weather, and reduce their need for maintenance. Not only this, many local businesses opt in for steel cladding solutions from metal fabricators to accentuate their aesthetic choices.


Interior Design

When it comes to renovations around the house, there are a number of applicable and diverse areas where a laser cutting service can shine. Grates make for a perfect example, in a lot of cases they require laser cut plates with holes from some of the most precise metal processing equipment. Whether a home renovation idea is for commercial or residential use, advanced laser cutting units can be an invaluable solution for customized metal grates for staircases or architectural fixtures – frequent projects we conduct for our clients here at Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd.



The operational efficiency for a hospital on a daily basis is rarely ever expected to falter from 100%. Because of this, fatigue is prominent not only amongst healthcare professionals, but also with the equipment they use. It is amongst these medical units where customized metal fabricated components are in demand, many of which require the precision of a laser cutter due to the high tolerances a medical environment demands.


Results Come With Expertise

It is abundantly clear that metal fabrication plays a significant role in the productive capacity of not only heavy industries like automotive, and aeronautic manufacturing, but also for businesses that are smaller in scope.


However, as diverse as a laser cutting service can be, one thing that stays true and unwavering is that fabricators with a pedigree and penchant for reliability help take these industries to the next level. Having serviced the GTA community for more than 30 years, we at Baseline Custom Fabrication are all ears for your laser cutting enquires; copper, brass, steel, aluminium, or otherwise, we’re sure to handle it!


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