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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Laser Cutting vs. Mechanical Cutting

August 30, 2021

Mechanical Cutting

This type of cutting refers to the process of cutting metal components by mechanical means. The machines used can cut metals such as steel, aluminum, and brass. The process starts with the use of a template that defines the shape and size of the cut. Mechanical cutting can process steel, aluminum, or copper sheet metal according to a specified size.

When to Use Mechanical Cutting

Milling machines are chosen for less complicated parts and for tight tolerances. Lathes can machine round objects like hubs, shafts, and rollers. If the object you are planning to mill is square or more complex in shape, it is recommended that you select a CNC or manual mill for the job.


Our laser cutting service at Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. is beneficial in numerous ways, and always reaches a high level of quality.


Laser Cutting

In terms of a laser cutting service, the material to be cut is exposed to a powerful laser beam. The beam heats up the material and acts as a cutting tool. The main advantage of this process is its accuracy, which is not possible with other manufacturing procedures like milling or die-cutting. This advantageous technology is common in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics, where small precision components are required for projects.

When to Use Laser Cutting?

A laser cutting service is great for manufacturing parts that can be cut from sheets of material. Furthermore, with modern machines and laser cutters, the parts you need for a project can be done in vast quantities relatively quickly. When it comes to mechanical engineering, it deals with a broad range of topics, and you may find yourself working with this form of CNC machine.

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