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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Laser cutting: The modernization of an ancient practice

April 25, 2017

Before the invention of machinery, Ancient Egyptians used small tools to split hard granite and other materials in order to build structures like the pyramids. Today, this is more commonly done through the process of laser cutting which is the most accurate way of cutting metals. It has greatly simplified metal cutting by minimizing hand coordinated processes and manual force. The popularity of laser cutting in Toronto is growing daily.

Read on to discover the benefits of laser cutting and why you should consider Baseline Custom Fabricating for your laser cutting needs.


Laser processes were once very arduous and time consuming. Modern technology has reduced the time needed to cut metal from days to minutes using focused laser beams. At Baseline, we pride ourselves on offering efficient laser cutting services in Toronto. We strive to serve our clients across Ontario and the GTA with quality metal cutting workmanship.


Laser cutting services in Toronto often lack the appropriate state of the art equipment needed to cut very complex designs and thin widths.  Baseline has acquired some of the latest laser cutting technology in recent years, such as the Fibermak Momentum Gen-2 3KW. This machine enables greater productivity, cut quality and speed which allows us to more closely meet your exact design specifications. The result is a final product your business can proudly showcase.


As a result of modern laser technology, productivity has increased and it now takes less time to cut and shape metal. This advantage has saved companies extra costs associated with reworking metal pieces, since the likelihood of error has decreased. Laser equipment does not come into contact with the material being cut and therefore takes time before wearing out. This saves the cost of frequent repairs. Our team at Baseline strives to provide quality service, satisfaction guaranteed. We understand the inconvenience of even the slightest error, and so we work to prevent this through the implementation of detailed quality control procedures.


Health and safety are at the heart of everything we do at Baseline. Despite the fact that laser equipment is now usually covered and thus the operator is less prone to injury, we have several procedures in place for their protection. For example, we ensure that our laser technology does not use open flames which helps eliminate the risk of fire. By taking necessary precautions such as those mentioned above we aim to be the most trustworthy laser cutting service in Toronto.


Laser beams are used to cut through different types of materials such as rubber, ceramics, wood, paper and plastics. Incisions can be done on hard or soft metal, brittle material and on sheets of material without unstacking.

At Baseline we have the capacity to offer our clients incisions on the following materials:

Mild steel up to 3/4" thick

Stainless steel up to 5/16" thick

Aluminum up to 5/16" thick

Copper up to 1/4" thick

Brass up to 1/4" thick

Table size: 5' X 10'

Visit our website to learn more about laser cutting and why we are the growing choice among businesses for our laser cutting services in Toronto.


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