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Laser Cutting Services – Precision and Efficiency

June 24, 2016

Laser cutting plays a very important role in the fabrication of sheet metal. It can be easy to find good laser cutting services when you know what to look for. There are fabrication shops that use traditional methods of cutting such as sawing, lathing, and through the use of other manual tools. However, to reduce the costs of precision cutting that is required for most products, laser cutting services are required to increase speed and efficiency.

The Technology of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting services are frequently used for industrial cutting applications that require precision and accuracy with excellent edge quality. Laser cutting is a technique consistent with the cutting of complex shapes without requiring tooling and can be performed at a faster speed than other cutting techniques. Aside from the ease of cutting through sheet metal, laser cutting has the capability to achieve small diameter holes with complex geometries and good edge quality on metal materials. When utilizing laser cutting services, fabricators can cope with increasing demands while continuing to produce high quality parts.

How Does It Work?

A high powered laser beam cuts various metal thicknesses based on computer controlled parameters. Everything that is within the direct path of the laser beam is cut with utmost precision. Laser cutting works by converting electrical energy into a high density beam of light. Laser light has optical properties that include coherence, mono-chromaticity, diffraction, and radiance. Coherence is the relationship between the magnetic and electronics components of an electromagnetic wave. Diffraction is the process through which light bends around sharp-edged surfaces. If the laser beams are minimally diffracted, they lose very little of their intensity over a distance. Radiance is the amount of power per unit area emitted at a given solid angle. Radiance is influenced by the design of the laser cavity. 

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