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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Laser Cutting In Toronto – The Industrial Standard

April 19, 2018

A modern and competitive fabrication shop that meets industry standards should be equipped with the essential machines to address custom product specifications. Laser cutters are among the most important. The sharp focus and high power of laser beams can cut through almost every type of material. Laser cutting in Toronto provides precise cuts and smooth finish edges for any project, large or small.


Using laser cutting in Toronto leads to lower manufacturing costs, with a much faster turnaround time than conventional machining. These alone are compelling reasons for employing laser cutting to meet a whole range of needs.


Laser cutting is used for projects in many sectors of industry, including automotive, medical equipment, manufacturing plants, signage, product parts, prototypes and much more. The many devices, tools and machinery that use fabricated parts makes laser cutting in Toronto a part of all facets of life.


Laser cutting utilizes several methods including vaporization, thermal stress cutting or cracking, melt and blow (or fusion cutting). Each technique works with accuracy and precision to achieve the desired shape or feature of the product. However, it is still best to consult a specialist to use the right method as each is best suited to cut certain materials and thickness.


Given the versatility of laser cutting, there are many service providers around the city to consider. Selecting the best provider for your project requires significant consideration. The major ones be industry expertise and the kind of technology they use, specifically CNC laser cutting. An excellent provider also offers accurate customization and can help your project with technical and design expertise.


At Baseline Custom, we offer the best in CNC and precision technology, relying on deep experience and skill. Our facility and machinery gives us the flexibility to take on differing projects at any scale. We use sophisticated laser cutting equipment to provide you only the finest service, improved efficiency and increased speed during the cutting process.


Want to learn more about precise laser cutting in Toronto? Contact us today to book an appointment or to speak with an expert consultant.

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