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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


How to Find the Best Laser Cutting Services in Toronto

March 06, 2018

In any metal fabrication works, laser cutting has become a way of life. Laser cutters are ideal for many industrial and customized manufacturing applications. These machines cut metal sheets quickly and precisely with a clean finish and edges. Laser cutting services in Toronto make use of different types of lasers, most commonly ones like carbon dioxide of CO2 laser, fiber glass laser, and neodymium laser.


Each laser type offers different strengths and speeds to meet every cutting need, regardless of how thin or thick the metal may be required. Advanced CNC technology is also used for high efficiency and precision.


Another great advantage of laser cutting services in Toronto is the option to engrave text or your company logo, branding or intricate designs onto the metal parts.


There are some important factors to consider to have a successful laser cutting project, regardless of scale. Here are the three major considerations: 


Selection of material

Choosing the right material is vital for the success of your project. Laser cutting provides a quality finish on any material but not all materials may match your project requirements. So you have to really think twice in selecting what material to laser cut.


Choice of artwork

Engraving done with laser cutting can turn your envisioned artwork into a finished product that really stands out. A specialist in laser cutting services in Toronto will help you select and prepare your artwork or design according to the machining specifications, giving you an idea of what to expect with the cutting process.


Professional insight

Laser cutting requires a special skill as well as lots of experience. You should always consult a certified technician. The consultation and advice from an expert will help from the initial steps of selecting the right material and design through to creating the final product.


Baseline Custom Fabricating provides premium, customized laser cutting services in Toronto and the GTA. We have the latest laser cutting machinery and technology to complete any project with precision, speed and cost efficiency. Call us or visit today to learn more!

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