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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


How Steel and Metal Fabrication Provide Opportunity for Customization

May 10, 2018

Among the wide variety of metals, steel is no doubt the top choice of various industries in fabricating high quality products. This is due to the fundamental advantages that the steel provides when in use metal fabrication. Its applications vary because of its high tensile strength that is able to handle very heavy structural loads. It is also less susceptible to corrosion and fire damage. Despite of its durability and sturdiness, steel can be manipulated to suit very specific applications.


These are only some of the reasons why metal fabrication with steel continues to boom.


The process goes beyond simple cutting and welding with customized projects which require high accuracy and precision. Fabricators employ different techniques to manipulate steel to ensure durable and quality finished products. The methods can be done manually, mechanically, or through computer-controlled technology. The processes involved in custom metal fabrication include:


  • Shearing: cutting metal sheets into pieces.
  • Seaming: joining the work pieces in forming individual feature.
  • Milling: making metal pieces more pliable.
  • Bending: shaping the metal piece as required by the client’s application.
  • Stamping: shaping and stretching the sheets into different dimensions as required.
  • Assembling: also known as welding, to enjoin all pieces together to form the final product.


Corrugated methods can also be employed in achieving the desired strength of the steel product to be used. All of these essential processes make use of either electricity or pressure. Computer-controlled systems, such as laser cutting, are best for seamless and more efficient metal fabrication with steel. Customization also allows fabrication of products that meet the needs, requirements, and unique specifications of any industry.


Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. takes pride in providing custom metal fabrication that produces the best finished products available. Our skilled workmanship combined with optimal cutting-edge technology and equipment make us the ideal choice. We handle each project with expertise and professional attention to offer you high quality standards. 


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