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How Press Brake Forming Is Used For Metal Fabrication

December 21, 2021

Bending is one of the essential steps involved in metal fabrication. It is the process of shaping metal to the desired shape by applying external force. Bending is vital in the fabrication process, as without that, shaping metals to pre-determined conditions is nearly impossible. Both 2D and 3D final shapes can be produced with the help of this process. There are several methods of bending used across industries. Among them all, press brake forming is the most common method used for industrial metal bending. 


With the introduction of CNCs, bending has achieved a higher accuracy that was not possible until a few decades ago. A workpiece is clamped between a die and punch in the press brake for achieving greater accuracy. 



The Four Main Types of Brakes Are Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Servo-Electric, and Mechanical.

Pneumatic: Pnemautc press brake bends metal to the desired shape using air pressure. The amount of tonnage used on the workpiece is directly related to the air pressure used in the pneumatic press.


Hydraulic press: Hydraulic press gets its name because of the hydraulic cylinders used for exerting pressure on the workpiece. These hydraulic cylinders move in a synchronized manner and are responsible for moving the upper beam of a press brake. 


Mechanical press: In this type of press brake forming, an electric motor supplies energy to a flywheel. With the help of a clutch, the flywheel puts the crank mechanism into action. Which, in turn, moves the ram vertically, helping put tonnage on the metal. 


Servo electric: This press brake gets its name because a servo-electric motor powers a belt drive to exert pressure on the metal. The motor also drives a ball screw to bend the workpiece. As a result, the accuracy offered by the servo-electric press brake is of the highest level.

For metal fabrication of the highest quality, you can rely on Baseline Custom Fabricating. We use press brake forming for bending metals with precision. Laser cutting is our other area of expertise. Contact us today to learn about all our services.

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