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1041 Trulls Rd.
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How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

July 08, 2016

You cannot talk about the metal fabrication industry without mentioning plasma cutting. It is everywhere these days. This innovative technique is in demand all over Ontario and has inspired a huge growth in industrial cutting processes. Plasma cutting works by applying the basic operational principles of plasma. In a nutshell, plasma is simply the fourth state of matter (after liquid, solid, and gas). Matter changes from one state to another through the induction of energy, whether heat or otherwise. For instance, water will change from ice to liquid when some amount of heat is applied. If heat levels are increased, the liquid changes to gas, in the form of steam. So, what happens when the gas is heated? This is where the fourth state comes in. The steam becomes ionized and electrically conductive. It becomes plasma!

Plasma cutting uses electrically conductive gas to move energy from a power supply to a conductive material, triggering a cutting effect. The plasma arc starts when a gas such as argon, oxygen, or nitrogen is forced through a tiny nozzle inside a torch. The electric arc formed from the external power supply is introduced to the high pressurized gas flow, leading to a plasma jet. This process builds up the temperatures up to 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is capable of piercing through a thick work piece and blowing off the molten material to leave a clean cut.

The components of a plasma cutting machine include:

  • The power supply
  • Arc starting console
  • Plasma torch

The power supply converts a single phase or three-phase AC line into a constant DC voltage, which in turn maintains the plasma cutting arc throughout the process. It is also responsible for regulating the output of the current, depending on the thickness and type of material being cut. Although most plasma cutting machines use the same operational principle, Baseline Custom Fabricating use professional expertise and dedication to get projects handled in an outstanding manner. With vast experience in the industry, it becomes possible to deliver high class plasma cutting at an affordable cost. 

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