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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


How Businesses Benefit from Custom Metal Fabrication for Conveyor Systems

July 04, 2018

Custom metal fabrication as an industry is fortunate that the projects we receive are very rarely totally alike. As the name suggests, projects each bring their own specification, tolerance, design and material requirements. Thus, no matter how similar two projects might sound, custom metal fabrication requires adaptability and a willingness to learn.

Utter the words custom metal fabrication and the image that comes is of a static metal device, such as stairs, a housing or perhaps a part for a tool. Actually, the job involves, far more, the creation of ‘active’ assemblies. Complex machinery, rollers and more are all within the purview of custom metal fabrication. In fact, one type of large fabricating project which we get called on for is building conveyor systems.

When setting up anew or refurbishing a factory, getting the conveyor system right is essential for any business owner. It can add significant cost to the operations, and if not done correctly, can reduce the efficiency of the whole operation. Which is why custom metal fabrication is called upon to build custom conveyor systems. The benefits are numerous.


As a business owner you can set your own specifications and suit the conveyor to your larger plans, rather than have to thread the factory around the conveyor.

Custom metal fabrication also enables use of materials which are most suitable in the process. And the quality of the finished conveyor system too makes custom metal fabrication a preferred option. Custom made metal conveyors are strong and versatile. But precision is required in their manufacture. Unevenly made rollers or bearings not aligned will cause excessive drag and wear and tear on the conveyor belt; inconsistent operation will cause goods being transported to move around, possibly damaging them.

Choosing the right custom metal fabrication outfit for building conveyor systems is therefore essential. At Baseline Custom we invest in not only the best machines, but also in our people, so that you get the highest quality results every time. Moreover, experience is a significant driver of quality, and having built numerous conveyor systems we have the know-how required to meet your expectations.

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