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Factors That Affect The Results Of Laser Cutting Services

October 14, 2021

The process of laser cutting entails several types of metals and non-metals of different thicknesses being cut into smaller pieces based on various specifications. More than just the sparks produced by a laser, the interaction between the laser beam and the workpiece during the laser cutting service forms the basis of this process. 


5 Important Parameters That Determine The Results Of A Laser Cutting Service


High Laser Power

For a laser to melt any material, its processing threshold needs to exceed a certain number, which means that it needs to reach a specific amount of energy per surface area unit. This helps determine the laser power. 

Focus Position, Focal Diameter, and Nozzle Diameter

The focus position illuminates and impacts the kerf form on the workpiece, while focal diameter indicates the gap width and the kerf form. The nozzle diameter is crucial as it affects the quality and also determines the gas beam and gas quantity.

Continuous/Pulsing Operating Mode

Through laser pulses, the operating mode enables the operator to control how the beam hits the material, either continuously or with some interruptions.

Precise Cutting Speed 

Two crucial things dictate the cutting speed - material and the cutting task involved. The general rule in laser cutting services is that the more the laser power, the faster the process is. Moreover, material thickness impacts the speed of the cutting process. A cutting speed that’s too low or too high is not desirable because it can result in burr formation and increase surface bumpiness. 

Different Gases and Pressures

Depending on the specific laser cutting procedure, various gases can be used. For instance, argon and nitrogen are the ideal options for cutting tasks that require no reaction with the melted alloy in the kerf. They are also capable of shielding the cutting surface from the external environment.

Find The Best Laser Cutting Services

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