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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Exude Brand Sophistication with Copper Signage

January 08, 2021

All business owners want to give their prospective clients a great first impression. Oftentimes, that first impression comes from the client’s perception of your office space or building. It only takes a well-thought out business signage to convey your brand message. This type of signage can be made from any type of material, with designs cut through laser cutting, but copper is especially popular due to its sophistication.


Here are the ways benefits and attributes of copper signage:


Attractive aesthetic

A high end brand should convey the idea of good taste and copper signage can project that impression without much effort. Copper’s natural color and sheen are attractive and applicable for virtually any type of business. Complemented with the right accent lighting or backlighting, you can create a real head turner.


Easy to customize

If you want more details for your business signage, copper can be polished or brushed just like other metals.  Furthermore, its malleability makes it easy to be hammered, adding striking details to your business sign.  Laser cutting uses the latest technology to get the finest results while preserving any intricate details of the design.


Little finishing needed

Although more expensive than stainless steel, copper’s natural properties only requires a little bit of polishing. With some laser cutting, you can get detailed designs accurately cut into your material on the perfect finish. That being said, a copper signage is a great investment and cost-effective in the long run. Reliable laser cutting services in Toronto are available to help you obtain your desired copper signage.


Incredibly durable

Although not as durable as stainless steel, copper offers the needed strength to function as an elegant business signage. Over time as copper interacts with oxygen in the environment, it develops a blue green protective layer called a patina to stop further damage to the metal. If you don’t like the rustic look of patina, protective coatings can seal the metal and help preserve the sleek and luxurious look of your copper signage.


Looking for the perfect copper signage for your business? Baseline offers laser cutting services allowing us to produce high quality metal signage, thanks to our fibre laser cutter that is capable of cutting the most complex parts with extremely high tolerances and precision. The result is sleek, smooth, and elegant looking signage appropriate for your business.

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