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Differentiating Laser Cutting from Other Processes

May 22, 2019

Despite the popularity of laser cutting services, many still wonder if it is truly the best cutting process. Indeed, there are significant differences between laser cutting and other kinds of processes, such as plasma, punching, and waterjet cutting, but laser cutting still reigns supreme as it is the most versatile and effective form of cutting.


Laser cutting services continue to be more sought after despite the availability of other cutting processes.


Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting utilizes an electrically-heated channel of ionized gas to cut materials, which has to be electrically conductive itself. Laser cutting is not restricted by such requirements – laser cutters can cut through non-conductive materials, all the while providing better edge quality. Edge quality refers to how rough the edge of a cut part appears and how square it is. Furthermore, plasma cutting has a significantly bigger kerf width, making laser cutting the more precise cutting process.

Laser Cutting vs. Punching or Mechanical Cutting

Punching, also referred to as mechanical cutting, uses a punch press with a die. Its greatest advantage is its ability to produce a high volume of identical parts. However, it requires higher capital and operating costs than laser cutters. Also, laser cutting services offer much greater flexibility and higher part quality, whereas punching can be prone to result in surface scratches or tool marks.

Laser Cutting vs. Waterjet Cutting

Of all the discussed cutting processes, waterjet has the highest operating cost. It is capable of cutting thicker materials and 3-D materials cutting by using a high-pressure stream of water. With that said, waterjet cutting can be rather slow, especially when compared to the speed of laser cutting. In addition, laser cutting does not compromise precision and quality for speed.

Laser cutting appears to be the most versatile cutting process and relatively economical option for the speed and precision that it offers. Contact Baseline Custom Fabricating today to learn about our laser cutting services.

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