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An Overview Of Sandblasting And Press Brake Forming

January 10, 2022

Custom metal fabricating is an excellent solution for many industries that demand the shaping of metals and alloys in specific sizes and shapes. But unfortunately, the margin of error for metal fabricators has to be very low as even the most prominent industries like aerospace and automotive rely on them. 


Metal fabricators rely on processes like sandblasting and press brake forming for achieving the best result. To offer the highest precision, it is necessary to use such techniques effectively. 


In this blog, we look into and understand sandblasting and press brake forming processes.



Sandblasting is an abrasive process used by metal fabricators to achieve better finishing of a machined part. Abrasive particles are sprayed on a rough surface with high pressure to smoothen it out. Steps like designing, bending, drilling, punching, and forming are all part of metal fabrication. These processes are followed by finishing, which helps offer the client a better and polished machined part. 


Unwanted substances like dust, rust, and oil can be easily removed from the workpiece with the help of sandblasting. This method is also highly cost-effective and efficient compared to other finishing methods. Even paint jobs can be easily removed with the help of sandblasting. 


Press Brake Forming

Bending is an integral process used for shaping metals and alloys to the predetermined shape by fabricators. Pneumatic, hydraulic, servo-electric, and mechanical are the four significant press brake forming types used for bending workpieces. 


External pressure is applied on metals and alloys to form both 2D and 3D shapes in press brake forming. Both sandblasting and press brake forming methods are used in custom metal fabrication to achieve the highest precision.


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