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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


Advantages and Challenges of Mobile Welding

May 17, 2017

Welding is a highly physical service. It is associated with heavy material, usually metal, and equipment. Consequently, high maintenance projects that require welding can be a daunting task to transport on a fabrication day. This is why mobile welding has become very popular among clients with off-site projects.

Mobile welding is advantageous in the following ways;

  • Convenience: This service allows your projects to be completed without having to transport heavy material away from your location. Your projects can be assessed by an expert at your site. 
  • Availability: Mobile welders are available for service by simply phoning them. They are willing to accommodate your schedules and timelines.
  • Wide reaching: Welding services are available to clients who are in hard-to-reach locations. This service reaches clients who cannot access fabrication shops.
  • Improvisation: With mobile welders at your site, it is much easier to give specifications for the product you expect. With hands-on site experience and technology, mobile welders are able to create precise welds according to your instruction.
  • Personal prioritization: One of the biggest advantages of mobile welding is the ability for you to prioritize weld jobs so that the most urgent job is finished first.

With these benefits come significant challenges that include:

  • Gas welding: Some types of welding require external shielding gas for pure welds. This means that they cannot be used outside because the wind tampers with the quality of the weld. Using shielding gas presents a challenge because most of the jobs done away from fabrication shops are outdoor jobs.
  • Air pollution: Often, welding produces a lot of smoke. This is an environmental hazard especially because there is no controlled emission during off-site welding.


At Baseline Custom Fabricating, we endeavor to provide high quality mobile welding services. We believe in making our client’s experiences as worry-free and easy as possible – to learn more about our onsite welding and mobile welding services for steel, aluminum and stainless steel, call us today at 905-434-2556!

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