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A Quick Rundown of a Laser Cutting Service

August 16, 2018

A laser cutting service is considered to be the most precise method of cutting within metal fabrication. High powered lasers are used to cut through different materials even with the most complex designs and thickness. These include plastics, wood, glass and metals in various forms, including sheets, strips, tubes and plates.


Here are a few reasons why a laser cutting service has been preferred by many fabricators:

  • The use of lasers leaves a very minimal chance of error and requires no further machining.
  • Lasers utilize little heat in cutting small diameters at faster rates, and are usually computer controlled for incredibly precise cuts and smooth finishes.
  • A laser cutting service is also great for the prototyping of different metal components.
  • Using laser technology is cost-effective for both small and large productions that require uniform design.


When a company provides a laser cutting service, it’s important to note that there are different types of laser cutting, each with their own unique qualities and applications. So when you’re looking for a laser cutting service in Toronto, it’s best to learn more about each of the techniques for your particular application!


Melt and Blow

As the name suggests, this technique utilizes pressurized gas jet to blow away molten material. The laser beam continuously heats the surface of the work-piece while the jet is blowing off the melted particles. With constant heating and blowing, the material is being cut. This method is the best option in cutting through metal work-pieces. 



A high powered beam of light can exceed the boiling and melting points of a wide variety of materials. When that happens, the heated part of the work-piece melts which results in holes. As the laser continues to provide excess heat, the molten parts evaporate.


Thermal Stress Cutting

This type of cutting is ideal for cutting brittle materials like acrylic and glass. The laser beam is focused on the surface that results in the thermal expansion and cracking of the heated part. The amount of crack is controlled by moving the laser to and fro the surface being cut. 


These are but three of the various methods of laser cutting. Depending on your application, one of these methods might be best suited for you. This is why it’s important to find a laser cutting service that offers the right method of cutting for your specific application to get the best results!


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