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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Tel: (905) 434-2556
Fax: (905) 434-1427


5 Steps to Ensure High-Quality Laser Cutting

July 20, 2021

Laser cutters are incredibly precise, and while they are primarily guided by CNC technology, a sharp-eyed and meticulous technician should still be present to oversee operations. At reliable laser cutting companies like Baseline Custom Fabrication, our highly trained personnel make it their first priority to ensure quality in everything we do. Faulty laser cutting can come from poorly-maintained machines and lackluster operator performance.


Here Are Five Key Steps We Undertake Before Laser Cutting Operations to Ensure Peak Precision:


Ensure You Have Enough Power

Laser resonators work differently depending on the amount of power they have. In some cases, operators underpower it for softer cutting or power efficiency. Unfortunately, supplying insufficient laser cutting power can cause tiny burrs. Therefore, we always check our power supply to guarantee a smooth and clean cut.


Adjust Nozzle Alignment

Long irregular burrs on one area of the workpiece indicate a nozzle alignment issue. Poor nozzle alignment causes abnormal burrs due to minor chattering. If our operators begin to notice such irregularities in the product, we stop cutting operations immediately and adjust the nozzle as required.


Use the Proper Feed Rate

High feed rates may cause tiny irregular burrs if paired with insufficient power. However, overly slow feed rates can cause long, irregular burrs and surface sheet discoloration. Therefore, we always adjust the feed rates of our machines for each project and test out the new settings before setting up the final workpiece.


Check Nozzle Speed

Slow cutting speeds can be caused by faulty nozzle and feed rates. Certain metals go better with specific cutting speeds. Using the wrong speed can cause long and irregular burrs. A quick nozzle speed check and calibration can speed up your metal fabricating operations.


Nitrogen Purity

If workpieces yield clean results but end up with yellow artefacts, you'll need to check your laser's nitrogen purity. This issue is common with carbon dioxide lasers only. We frequently check on the nitrogen purity of our CO2 cutting machines, ensuring only the best quality for our clients.


The Best Laser Cutting Services Guarantee Zero Problems

You can always count on us at Baseline Custom Fabricating for all your metal fabrication needs. With our decades of experience, we guarantee only the best project results all the time. Contact us today to learn more about all our products and services.

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