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5 Metal Fabrication Methods and When To Use Them

July 14, 2021


Metal fabrication involves several industry-proven procedures and staples. However, you might feel confused upon hearing your contractor mention all of them at once. Thus, here is a guide for learning more about the existing methods of this process and when to use them.


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This is the least complicated of all the areas because of its easily identifiable process. Welding uses an electrode and torch to fuse various metal joints. However, welding can use various methods, such as heat and pressure, to fuse heavier construction or machinery components.


Casting is one of the oldest yet most reliable metal fabricating processes. Casting involves pouring molten metal on a highly heat-resistant mold. Then, fabricators allow it to dry and cool. Blacksmiths used this process to create ancient swords. Now, it produces components such as cast-iron nails, weight plates, car rims, and more.


Blacksmiths have used both casting and forging to create ancient steelware. It uses a heavy pounding force to shape the metal. A highly heat-resistant anvil serves as the forger's worktable as they continue to hammer and shape the metal.


This process is a modern staple for most fabricators. Extrusion is the action fabricators perform to create metal pipes and other tubular steel. It uses a hydraulic press, extrusion die, punch, and pressing piston.


Metal fabricators perform folding using brake presses. With a brake press, fabricators can carefully fold metal workpieces. Folding machines are also metal sheet bending machines. These allow fabricators to shape materials perfect for aviation and vehicle manufacturing fields.

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