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1041 Trulls Rd.
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5 Major Differences between Regular and Custom Steel Fabrication

January 15, 2021

Metal fabrication is a must-have process for all kinds of business, from small businesses to industrial manufacturers. However, customized metal fabrication work can take your projects to the next level, especially if it involves complex components requiring much more time and expertise to achieve.


Here are five major differences you'll find between regular and custom fabrication services:


Articulated Designs

Articulated custom steel designs are rare. However, if your project needs articulated set pieces in conjunction with small motors, customized metal fabrication work is the best way to achieve the results you need. Meticulous attention to detail is crucial in most articulated steel designs, making the service ideal.


Custom Signage

Steel signs with custom curves and lines show the limitations of conventional cutting equipment. With custom steel fabrication, experienced operators can handle your custom signage designs using a wide variety of equipment and knowledge to deliver the results you need in no time.


Specialized Architectural Pieces

Like articulated designs, architectural pieces require intricate attention to detail and highly-accurate machinery. These complex steel structures need comprehensive backbone assemblies, which experienced custom fabricators, such as Baseline Custom Fabricating, can provide.


Hospital Rails and Stairways

Rails and staircases that aid in rehabilitating patients have designs that custom fabricators can produce faster than regular services. Additionally, rail and stair designs aren't similar because designers have to adapt them to their permanent installation location. Hospitals need double the design adaptation, leading to complex designs.


Custom Vehicle Components

Limited-edition vehicles and unique set pieces in cars and other vehicles, including ships, are quite complex and take much more time because of its intricate details. This task is perfect for custom fabricators with in-depth experience in this market.


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