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1041 Trulls Rd.
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Fax: (905) 434-1427


5 Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication Using Sandblasting

November 29, 2021

Custom metal fabrication is a major boon to the manufacturing industry, offering clients the perfect avenue to get unique parts that exactly cater to their design specifications. To achieve this level of perfection, there needs to be an extreme focus in not just machining the part, but also in finishing. To get the best finish possible for such workpieces, sandblasting is a reliable option, for it offers a distinct advantage over other methods. 


Here Are 5 Advantages of Using Sandblasting During Custom Metal Fabrication

Easily Removes Unwanted Substances

The machined part might be perfect in terms of dimensions, but when it comes to finishing, a lot of work may be required. Unwanted surface substances such as mill scale, oil, rust and dust can be easily removed using sandblasting, as the tiny, granular particles can reach every nook and cranny. This gives the end product an extremely good finish.


Unlike other finishing methods, sandblasting uses the same medium over and over, for they can be used for a long time before the abrasive material needs to be replaced. This reusability makes it highly valuable from an economic standpoint. 

Highly Efficient

Many finishing processes involve manual labour, which is time-consuming and not to forget, inaccurate. Conversely, using sandblasting will get the job done in record time, saving money as well as manpower, as only one operator can effectively handle the machine and exponentially increase the output. 

Perfect For Removing Paint Jobs

When older parts are machined, their old coat of paint also needs to be removed before a new one can be applied. Sandblasting is perfect for this process as it effectively removes the old paint as well as oil and dust particles in one go. 

Plenty of Options

One of the best aspects of sandblasting is the sheer number of choices it provides to a manufacturer. Depending on the part being manufactured and the level of accuracy, different types of mediums can be used for the process, including biodegradable materials such as walnut shells. If not, the conventional steel grit is still a perfectly valid choice. The bottom line is that this method allows flexibility to choose the abrasive medium according to the task at hand. 

Thus, sandblasting should be an integral part of metal fabrication, as it saves, time, money, and resources for manufacturers. 

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