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3 Common Misconceptions About Laser Cutting Service

May 15, 2023

There was a time when metal fabricators relied on traditional tools for cutting metals. Conventional tools were somewhat difficult to use and slow cutting through metal. Fast forward to today, with the advent of laser technology, fabricators no longer have to rely on conventional tools. Laser cutting is a highly popular and precise method of cutting materials used in various industries. However, some misconceptions surrounding this technology prevent people from taking full advantage of its benefits. This blog post will debunk the three most common misconceptions about laser cutting services.


What are the three common misconceptions about laser cutting?


  • Myth #1: Laser Cutting Is Only Suitable for Thin Materials

One of the most common misconceptions about laser cutting is that it can only work on thin materials. This false idea may be due to the precision and accuracy required when working with thicker materials; however, modern technology and advancements have made it possible to use lasers to cut through even thick metal.

  • Myth #2: Laser Cutting Service Is Too Expensive

Another misconception regarding laser cutting is its cost-effectiveness. Many people believe that using lasers for their projects would be too expensive as compared to other methods like waterjet or plasma-cutting. However, this isn't always true. Laser-cutting service providers like Baseline Custom Fabricating offer the best rates to their clients.

  • Myth #3: All Lasers Are The Same

Many people often think all types of lasers are equal when it comes to their effectiveness and application areas. In reality, different types of lasers have varying wavelengths which affect their performance on specific materials such as metal vs plastic or glass vs wood.

Understanding these misconceptions will help you make informed decisions while choosing a service provider for your next project involving laser cuts.

Laser cutting is an incredibly versatile and precise method of manufacturing that has revolutionized the industry. However, it's essential to be aware of these common misconceptions surrounding laser cutting services. By debunking these myths, you can ensure that you're making the correct decisions about your projects' needs. So if you're considering using a laser-cutting service provider, look no further than Baseline Custom Fabricating Ltd. We are one of the leading names when it comes to laser cutting in Toronto and GTA. We are also the leading name in custom steel fabrication. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.

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